KONI produces a wide range of shock absorbers for the popular 4WD-Vehicles.
They are designed to last, even in harsh off-road conditions. A rugged construction and the use of first class materials are the essentials for the KONI quality. On the street the ride and stability of your vehicle will improve consistently, providing more safety and overall performance

Offroad Heavy Track® shock absorbers
ensure greater stability and  greater stamina for both drivers and vehicles. On the road, you can count on greater comfort and a higher level of safety, more stability and better roadholding. In short, Heavy Track®  shock absorbers from KONI are perfect 'all road' shock absorbers. Irrespective of the driving conditions.

The Heavy Track RAID shocks are reliable high quality replacement performance parts for customers who seek a non sophisticated but effective product to do the jobs it's designed for; to finish in off road rally raids.

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